When you think “rooftop solar,” panels usually come to mind. However, there’s another type of solar you might want to consider installing on your roof.

Solar attic fans are small, standalone rooftop ventilation devices powered by the sun. Like other attic fans, they help cool your attic in the summer and address wintertime condensation issues. Yet you might be surprised to learn that solar-powered attic fans actually work better than their conventional, line-driven counterparts.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of solar attic fans.

Improve Home Comfort

By improving ventilation and moving hot, stuffy air out of your attic, solar attic fans work to lower your attic temperature by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps keep the rooms below your attic — and their occupants — cool. Be aware that conventional electric fans can sometimes pull dangerous fumes and carbon monoxide from basement or ground-level gas appliances up through your home. The gentler air-moving capacity of solar fans keeps your attic pressure at a safe level while still providing effective airflow.

Save Energy

Removing excess attic heat reduces your HVAC load so your air conditioner doesn’t have to run as often. But did you know that running conventional attic fans often consumes more energy than they save? Solar fans use energy from the sun, so you’ll reduce your consumption of fossil fuel and your carbon footprint.

Protect Your Roof

In the summer, excessive heat buildup in an attic can damage asphalt shingles. In cold weather, the attic is a place where moisture often condenses. This can cause all sorts of moisture-related damage, including rot, mold or mildew. If you notice that metal objects left in your attic tend to rust, it’s a good indication you could benefit from installing solar attic fans. Finally, proper attic ventilation helps prevent ice damming along your eaves and the potential damage it can cause.

Save Money

Many of the above benefits will directly or indirectly save you money. While the energy savings from using a solar attic fan are typically moderate, consider the value of protecting your roof and prolonging the life span of your air-conditioning unit. Also, keep in mind that home and business owners can still receive a 30 percent federal tax credit for renewable energy units — including solar fans — installed through 2019.


Many people dislike fans because of the noise. If you are one of these people, you can breathe easy: Solar fans are whisper-quiet and won’t keep you up at night. In fact, they don’t even run at night!

Need a Solar Fan Installed?

Solar attic fans are relatively simple to install. Though they require making a roof penetration, so if you’re not absolutely sure of your ability to install proper roof flashing (or if you’re concerned about the risk of working in a rooftop environment) why not give us a call?

It takes us only a very short time to install fans on your roof so you can start enjoying the benefits of solar attic fans right away. Call [company_phone] or fill out this short form online to request a free quote.