Advantages of Solar Panels: Southern Virginia Installers

Installing solar panels provides a way to save money on your home’s energy in the long run. Over time, the energy saved will cover the price of the solar panel installation and continue to give you savings. Most people can expect to be paid back for their investment in five to 10 years.

While you need to consider the cost of solar panel installation, many incentives are available to lower that price, making solar energy more attainable. Here are some of the ways you can lower the cost of solar energy in Southern Virginia:

  • Claim exemptions on property taxes.
  • Take advantage of the 30 percent renewable energy tax credit through the federal government.
  • Sell the extra energy your house isn’t using through the net metering program of Virginia.

Over time, with these incentives and the cost savings of this green energy, solar energy in Southern Virginia can become surprisingly affordable. Residents throughout Roanoke, Richmond, Norfolk and Lynchburg have already discovered the benefits of solar panels.

Solar panels also provide a significant reduction in the carbon emissions your home gives off, so you’ll be benefiting the environment as well as your wallet.

Is Solar Energy Right for Your Southern Virginia Home?


At Renewable Energy Corporation, we offer a free solar consultation, so you’ll get the full picture of the price of installation and the cost savings you could expect every month on your energy bil

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